In the Pursuit of… Happiness

The headline says it all. Today is the day that I begin sharing my pursuit of happiness in this journey called life. As I sit in a coffee shop WITH OTHER PEOPLE AROUND (something I would be hesitant to do beforehand), I think about how far I have come in the last few months.

Around July of this year, I was at the lowest part of my life. BUT I sit here today after waking up with a smile on my face and excited about finally starting this blog. As I mentioned in my ABOUT section, I have spent the last year trying to find out who I am again as I start a new career as a nurse practitioner.

July was a pivotal moment for me because I had started my last semester as a nurse practitioner student, and I was standing there telling my patients that they needed to seek psychiatric care for their mental issues, while I was doing the direct opposite. TALK ABOUT HYPOCRISY. How could I be telling others how to improve their lives when I wasn’t trying myself?

I found a psychologist and began going to weekly sessions. I found that it incredibly helpful to talk about my problems with an unbiased professional. I soon discovered the missing link towards my own happiness. I AM ACTUALLY A SOCIAL PERSON. WHO KNEW? It’s a little ironic that someone with social anxiety secretly likes to be around people. She started me on a journey to find adult friends in a city where I felt so alone.

It started off small. I joined a group called Meet Up, and I made a connection with another nurse practitioner here in the city. It may seem small, but that was a huge step for me. That final push to start a real change in my life began last night when I discovered a self help book called You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life. The principle is that YOU HAVE TO TAKE THE FIRST STEP in order to change. And dammit, I’m ready to start loving life again.

I plan on updating this blog at least once a week with the steps I am taking to change my life. This week, I signed up for a meet up to practice my Spanish (and meet new people) and called a friend to have dinner next week. What about you? What are you doing this week to help yourself?


This week the VA announced that nurse practitioners can practice independently within the system! This is a huge and groundbreaking step towards more independence for nurse practitioners in this country, and I cannot wait to read the studies to come from this decision.


One thought on “In the Pursuit of… Happiness

  1. So so so! proud of you for taking such a huge step towards making yourself happy. I think a lot of people suffer with some sort of social anxiety and some deal with it in very unhealthy ways. I think what you’re doing is so brave, mature and inspirational. New things are always scary but nothing worth having comes easy, so keep pushing because you’re an amazing person and deserve to not only have it all, but love what you have! I look forward to following your progress and my heart is with you 🙂


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